A great presentation, relevant and useful information - Warren connected with everyone on the room.”

Human resources manager - Luther College

The feedback has been extremely positive and we can’t wait for the next session”

Managing Director - Jacobs & Lowe

Changing my approach and communicating in a conversation first rather than me presenting has dramatically improved my results”

D Oliver
Sales Manager - Rain & Horne

I wish I could have Warren with me in every presentation. His understanding of communication with clients makes you realise the power of listening and understanding the clients perspective”

K Charlton
Director - Charlton King

Conveying our message with story will have a major impact in the market.”

N Payne
Director - Ray White

I have seen many presentations on communication skills and Warren was extremely engaging, knowledgable and the participants left with strategies to implement immediately.”

Senior Manager - Macquarie Bank

The thing that always struck me about Warren was his willingness to learn and his ability to translate that knowledge into a clear message to his clients”

CEO - TM Digital

Warren makes you stop and think so that you understand the other persons perspective first - so simple yet powerful.”

J Stirling
Director - Mcgrath

Warrens has been instrumental in improving our sales success”

K Walsh
General Manager - Di Jones

You've just changed my world! Thank you once again for a phenomenal day sharing your knowledge of Storytelling. 

Ethan Lee - Presentation Workshop Attendee