Communication is the key to success

We speak between 16,000 and 45,000 words every day. When was the last time you practiced speaking or communication? Yes, that’s what I thought!! We just do it without thinking and that is why when the message is completely understood by the receiver - it’s more luck than effective communication.

Warren Tate, World-Class Speaking Coach

A note from Warren Tate

warren-head-with-bgI understand how difficult it is to find the right person to speak at your event, someone who is different, someone you have not heard before and someone who understands your message and what outcomes you are trying to achieve. You either find an entertainer with limited content, which is great for a fun hour or someone who is drab and delivers at the wrong level.

Success does not happen by chance. It happens with a plan to understand your requirements, understand your audience and understand what the individual attendees what out of the conference and my presentation. This takes planning and time for me to meet with you and attendees to ensure the delivery hits the mark.

The pressure is on to continually deliver great presenters and make your conference or workshop memorable. It’s start from the very first communication and finishes with ridiculous added value and ongoing value that will be remembered.

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Warren delivers passionate and interactive presentations, providing tools that can be implemented immediately to deliver results.

What Clients Say

A great presentation, relevant and useful information - Warren connected with everyone on the room.”

Human resources manager - Luther College

The feedback has been extremely positive and we can’t wait for the next session”

Managing Director - Jacobs & Lowe

I have seen many presentations on communication skills and Warren was extremely engaging, knowledgable and the participants left with strategies to implement immediately.”

Senior Manager - Macquarie Bank

The thing that always struck me about Warren was his willingness to learn and his ability to translate that knowledge into a clear message to his clients”

CEO - TM Digital