Why should any client choose you?

When a property owner decides that they require a real estate agent to sell their home or manage their investment property, they are looking for a professional they can trust, add value, provide excellent customer service and communicate effectively, every step of the way. Selecting the right agent creates challenges, concerns and sometimes fear in […]

“While you’re out can you grab some authenticity”

We are often told to be authentic in our communication and presentations, especially when presenting to others in business. The challenge with this statement is most people have trouble defining authenticity. We hear the term utilised in all sorts of context, we understand that it’s what people are looking for yet it is as hard […]

What the FOC?

Fear of calling

FEAR OF CALLING OR FOC One of the biggest issues facing businesses today is the reliance on email. On average we receive 120 emails every day. Have you ever stopped to analyse the email threads that you receive and continue communicating back and forth? Next time you look at your email, take an audit on […]

Press Release – The best gift to give on Valentines Day

Today more than ever it’s easy to connect with people, easy to meet people online and easy to form a relationship with someone – swipe left, swipe right. In our busy digital world meeting people on a keyboard or on the mobile is amazingly simple and convenient. But what happens when you actually have to meet other people in the flesh. The date, meeting or hook up has been arranged, now you have to communicate. All that searching, texting, chatting and flirting can be ruined in a matter of minutes. It could be as simple as the way you walk, the way you hold your posture or that nervous first sentence – bang, instant disconnect. “But it seemed so easy on the app or screen!” Mastering the art of communication, understanding the powers of non-verbals and the realising the connection of a gentle touch can change your destination. This is not limited to dating or meeting someone for the very first time, Today more than ever, we are disconnecting with our partners, family and friends both in the home and out at cafes or restaurants. I’m not advocating banning communication through technology, simply make a conscious effort to work on your communication skills. Your attention is the greatest gift you can give anyone in 2017. Smile Chameleon effect Echo Effect The power of touch Warren Tate is the author of the soon to be released book on communication – I GET YOU – communication can change your destination. Warren coaches, mentors and presents to businesses looking at clarifying their message and mastering communication in the presentation. Warren has worked with corporate management, sales teams and schools to assist with their interpersonal skills.”There is a huge gap between the good and the great and it comes down to being the best communicator.” This can be said about any industry or profession and is true for anyone who would like to improve their position in business, or in their personal life; the better your communication and understanding of others, the greater your opportunities to grow.
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+ 02/17/2017
All day
Growing stronger together tour  
  Workshop:Make every communication countPublic Event
The Real Estate Training Group are excited to announce the 2017 “Growing Stronger Together Tour”, proudly supported by the BDM Academy. This event explores strategic team collaboration and unlocks the secrets to accelerated rent roll growth in a series of sessions that are led by some of the industry’s most respected heavyweights.
Date: February 17, 2017
Time: All day
Event: Growing stronger together tour
Topic: Make every communication count
Public: Public
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How do you communicate? The best communicator wins.

To discover the many ways we do or don’t communicate successfully, there is no better learning ground than a lounge room filled with people who are making one of the biggest decisions of their lives – to sell their biggest asset, their home or their family’s home. Think of all the emotions involved in making […]