“While you’re out can you grab some authenticity”

We are often told to be authentic in our communication and presentations, especially when presenting to others in business. The challenge with this statement is most people have trouble defining authenticity. We hear the term utilised in all sorts of context, we understand that it’s what people are looking for yet it is as hard as quantum physics to explain. So what is authenticity? How do you become more authentic? Can you zip down to the $2 shop and grab some? Unfortunately, that seems to be the mentality of people when they say you need to be more authentic. I believe it is simple, you either are or you’re not. However, it doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to bring out the authentic you. Many people have great bullshit meters. Although a metaphorical term, it is correct. When we are not being true to ourselves, or not believing the message we are delivering, our body sends minor signals through your cognitive subconscious via our body language. The signals are often so minor that most don’t pick them up at a conscious level. We receive around 40 pieces of information every second; we cannot be aware of all this information at a conscious level, the information is decoded by our cognitive subconscious – they are picked up by the bullshit meter. What’s the solution? Just be you. Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we should be and embracing who we are. Brene Brown You are unique, you are the most amazing creation made possible through the miracle of conception and the meeting of cells at the right time in the exact order. The fact that this occurred is consider a miracle. Knowing how amazing you are, why would you try to be someone else? Be the amazing you. The more personable you are the more accepted you will be. The more you show your vulnerability, the more you will be accepted. The more you just be you, your words, your mannerisms, your movements, the natural you, the greater the attraction towards you and your authenticity will shine. Many people are afraid to show vulnerability and empathy, they see this as a sign of weakness. This could not be further from the truth. People want to see who you really are and by showing vulnerability you show that you care and that you are human. When presenting in a sales environment, speaking to one or speaking to many, when you show who you really are and not a “word for word” scripted presentation, people relate more to you, they can tell you are genuine and that you care. The best way of being true to yourself and true to your audience (one or many), is to ensure that your why, your purpose comes through during your conversation or presentation. When you deliver your message with your underlying sense of why, your audience will join you on your journey, you will tap into their why and there will be a meeting of the heart and the mind. Are you aligned or congruent with yourself? What do I mean by this? When you are truly congruent with your message, with who you are, with what you speak about and with what you are doing, you are completely congruent with yourself, you are in the flow and everything seems to be effortless. Be true to yourself and to others, understand your purpose or why and ensure that this is communicated when meeting people for the first time or giving a presentation. Live a truly authentic life and people will be attracted to you and your message.

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